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Animal Health

Animal disease is one of the greatest threats to animal agriculture. Recent events in the United States and abroad have made us aware of how animal diseases can affect the food supply, human health, and national economies. 

NIFA supports the health of livestock, poultry, horses, fish, and other agriculturally important commodities through research, education, and extension activities. NIFA's unique role in the fight against animal disease includes its ability to:

  • Support college/university/diagnostic laboratory infrastructure and provide land-grant institutions and veterinary colleges and departments of veterinary science with funds to conduct small-scale research to determine how best to respond to animal disease.
  • Solicit basic and applied research, education, and extension proposals from all U.S. institution types and support the best science through competitive peer review and larger awards.
  • Stimulate interstate cooperation for targeted animal disease issues through multistate committees and multimillion dollar Coordinated Agricultural Project (CAP) competitive awards.
  • Focus funds on targeted diseases and national programs of state and regional importance.
  • Serve as the federal link to the veterinary extension and education infrastructure to disseminate timely and pertinent animal health information.

Animal Health Capacity Grants

Stakeholder Webinars

Starting in July 2016, NIFA and the USDA Agricultural Research Service will host a series of Animal Health Webinars to obtain stakeholder input on research, education and extension priorities. 


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