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EFNEP-Related Research

Since 1969, EFNEP has reached more than 34 million low-income families and youth. Annual program data shows that participants have enhanced their health by improving their nutrition, food safety, and physical activity practices. Program research and evaluation are integral to the success of EFNEP and other nutrition education programs.

EFNEP’s position within USDA/NIFA and Cooperative Extension within the Land-grant Universities provides a unique opportunity for developing, testing, and implementing program-based. Innovative educational interventions and evaluation strategies also help advance the field of nutrition education. 

Although EFNEP funds cannot be used for research, the importance of research as a foundation to programming is well recognized. Two multi-state research teams, supported in part by Agricultural Experiment Station funding, are particularly active in conducting research that benefits EFNEP and similar nutrition education programs. 

Other researchers, similarly, have contributed to EFNEP research and evaluation. Links to databases, search engines, and studies including early research and reports, and cost benefit/ cost effectiveness studies are listed below. Please email Yamilis Ocasio at if you have a study to contribute.

Databases and Search Engines

This section contains the links to searchable databases and search engines for peer review publications related to EFNEP.

Studies and Reports

This section contains the links to early research and kay reports used in EFNEP. Additional research studies are underway and/or can be found in searchable databases and through search engines. 

Cost Benefit / Effectiveness Studies

This section contains the links of studies dedicated to determining the cost benefits and cost effectiveness of EFNEP.


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