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McIntire-Stennis Capacity Grant

The purpose of this funding is to increase forestry research in the production, utilization, and protection of forestland; to train future forestry scientists; and to involve other disciplines in forestry research. 

This grant is used to assist all states in carrying out a program of state forestry research at state forestry schools and colleges and developing a trained pool of forest scientists capable of conducting needed forestry research under the following research topics: 1) Reforestation and management of land for the production of crops of timber and other related products of the forest; 2) Management of forest and related watershed lands to improve conditions of water flow and to protect resources against floods and erosion; 3) Management of forest and related rangeland for production of forage for domestic livestock and game and improvement of food and habitat for wildlife; 4) Management of forest lands for outdoor recreation; 5) Protection of forest land and resources against fire, insects, diseases, or other destructive agents; 6) Utilization of wood and other forest products; 7) Development of sound policies for the management of forest lands and the harvesting and marketing of forest products.


There are two types of reporting requirements for these funds:

1) Program of Research. For instructions on completing this reporting requirement please see the Program of Research Instructions.

2) Financial Reporting. Awardees are required to submit a SF-425, Federal Financial Report annually no later than 90 days after the award anniversary date. The final SF-425 is due no later than 129 days after the termination date of the grant. The form should be submitted via the ezFedGrants portal. All questions relating to the SF-425 reports should be directed to the Administrative Contact listed in block 14 of the Notice of Award.

Program type
Grant Program
Program Specific Resources
FY24-McStennis-RFA-508-MOD1-P (pdf - 402.86 KB)

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