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Educational Scholarship Programs

Talented science students are the future's agri-science workforce. For that talent to be realized some students need financial support. Students with talent in the sciences, especially those relating to food, natural resources and human sciences, will make the research discoveries of tomorrow. 

Today, they need training to realize their potential. Funding education can be a challenge, especially for students from communities that are under-represented in the scientific workforce. NIFA has two types of funding options to ensure more talented students can achieve their research career goals in agriculture.  

Funding Provided to Universities

NIFA has two programs for colleges and universities to provide scholarships for their students. The schools can provide this funding to programs in agricultural economics, plant and animal sciences, nutrition and health and a host of other areas of study. 

National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship (NNF) Grants Program

This grant is designated for graduate degree (masters and doctoral) programs and postgraduate training of the next generation of policy makers, researchers, and educators in the food and agricultural sciences. Specifically, the NNF program trains students for masters and/or doctoral degrees. It also provides additional post-doctoral training for National Needs Fellows who have completed their doctoral degrees at institutions that have demonstrable teaching and research competencies in the food and agricultural sciences.

Higher Education Multicultural Scholars Program (MSP)

The purpose of this competitive undergraduate scholarship grant program is to increase the multicultural diversity of the food and agricultural scientific and professional workforce, and advance the educational achievement of all Americans by providing competitive grants to colleges and universities.

Funding Provided FOR FELLOWS

In addition to allowing colleges and universities to choose promising students to support, NIFA also provides grants for graduate and undergraduate students to seek support to pursue higher education.

AFRI Fellowship Grant Programs

These programs are part of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).  To learn more about AFRI, please visit the ARFI webpage.


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