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United Kingdom-Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

Building on the high quality science base in the U.S. and UK, NIFA and BBSRC launched a joint pilot call in 2013 to support research of high strategic relevance to both countries in areas of Animal Health & Disease, including Veterinary Immune Reagents. BBSRC and NIFA jointly funded five U.S.-UK collaborative projects through this call to control the spread of pathogens and minimize health risks and environmental impacts of food production worldwide.

NIFA and BBSRC agreed that there is a need to build a stronger and sustainable trans-Atlantic partnership between funders and researchers that will allow world-leading researchers in both countries to work together to address emerging threats in animal health and food safety while safeguarding food supplies, animal welfare and public health.

In addition, BBSRC and the UK Science and Innovation Network Houston Office developed a joint bid to support a small, high-level workshop with government and research representatives from the US and UK to consider next generation vaccines and alternatives to antimicrobials in livestock, consider research challenges and areas of shared concern to address the global emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance.

Through a joint researchers’ and funders’ workshop, NIFA and BBSRC are initiating the development of a strategic framework for working within Animal Health and Welfare, including Food Safety, Veterinary Vaccinology, and Antimicrobial Resistance, with the aim to develop a longer term U.S.-UK partnership driven by scientific needs and priorities.

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Future Proofing Plants to a Changing Climate

The US, UK, and German governments are coming together in a shared project to address climate change and plant health.

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