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NIFA Tribal Programs

NIFA funds programs that promote learning, opportunity and health in Indian Country. The agency has five grants that specifically target Indian Country. Four of the grants support learning at the 1994 Land-Grants, also known as federally recognized tribal colleges. In addition, the Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP) supports 1890 and 1862 Land-Grants who provide informal, community-based learning on reservations.

Funding for 1994 Land-Grant Institutions

The 1994 Land-Grants receive four main types of grants. Tribal College Equity supports formal education at these schools. Tribal College Extension supports informal, community-based learning such as farmer education, youth development and rural entrepreneurship. Tribal College Research helps the 1994 Land-Grants build scientific capacity and provide a strong foundation in research knowledge for students.

Tribal College Endowment Program (Capacity Grant)

The 1994 Land-Grants also have a targeted formula fund that can be used at the discretion of Institution leadership. The Tribal College Endowment program receives annual appropriations from Congress, but the institutions receive money from the interest earned during the previous year. The amount each school receives is based in part by the number of Native students attending the school. This is determined annually thorough the Indian Student Count.  Applicants who need to review their funding amount for the current Fiscal Year will go to NIFA's capacity page. 

Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program

The Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP) allows 1890 and 1862 Land-Grants to provide informal learning to support youth development and agricultural productivity. They complement the Extension efforts of the 1994 Land-Grants, often serving in states that do not have a 1994 Land-Grant.

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