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SNAP-Ed Committees, Teams, and Workgroups

Teams, committees, and workgroups serve voluntarily in SNAP-Ed: to foster communication and understanding among federal and state/university organizational systems and to provide leadership to professional/staff development and program planning, management, reporting, and evaluation. 

Potential members are recommended by their peers and supervisors. They are selected for their communication, organizational, leadership, and teamwork skills; specific types of expertise; and commitment to strong and effective programming. They also reflect a balance in terms of program size, geographic location, and institutional affiliation. 

The SNAP-Ed Program Development Team serves as an ongoing sounding board for national leadership. Team members use their listening, communication, and thinking skills and experience to strengthen SNAP-Ed programs and nutrition networks at the state, regional, and national levels. They also identify linkages that can be forged to support the land-grant university system's broader outreach, education, and research mission. Members serve three-year, staggered terms. University members include administrators, faculty, coordinators, and other state level staff who represent their respective CES regions and/or other type of institutional involvement. Ex officio members include NIFA, NASULGC, and university program planning and evaluation representation. The team is lead by the NIFA National Program Leader for Food and Nutrition Education.

Other committees and workgroups are convened as needed to accomplish specific tasks. Since 2001, there have been six such groups. They have provided leadership for national conference planning, development of the CNE Logic Model and its associated online program management and reporting system, and core competency development for state coordinators/directors and paraprofessional staff. There are no ad hoc national SNAP-Ed committees serving at this time.


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