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The following information is a guide to preparing and submitting an application to the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP).

All eligible veterinarians are encouraged to apply for loan repayment. NIFA has a strong commitment to diversity and encourages women, individuals from underrepresented groups, and persons with disabilities who meet the eligibility criteria to apply. Please be sure to review the eligibility criteria before you submit an application for a service agreement with the VMLRP. 

It is expected that VMLRP applicants will propose in their application to provide professional veterinary services that: 1) correspond to the shortage situations described in the nomination; and 2) serve all areas (e.g. counties, regions, clientele, etc.) described or listed in the nomination form. A strong case should be made within the body of the application as to why the applicant is the best match for the shortage if unable to serve all areas, species or activities as described in the shortage situation form.

How to Complete the VMLRP Application

This section offers a convenient and efficient location for all application forms for the VMLRP. Each form is available as a fillable PDF, except for the personal statement. Applicants will create their own document for the personal statement. An application checklist is available to assist you with the submission of your application. If you have questions or have trouble downloading any of the forms, please contact us. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Individuals may submit only one application per cycle. Please type your answers on all pages. Handwritten answers in your application will not be accepted. NIFA reserves the right to contact you to request additional documentation.

Review the Request for Applications (RFA) and all details provided in each of the forms and submit your application.

The application is composed of seven forms:

  1. Applicant Information Form (NIFA-01-10)
  2. Personal Statement (NIFA-02-10)
  3. List of Recommenders (NIFA-03-10)
  4. Loan Information Form (NIFA-04-10)
  5. Certifications for Application (NIFA-06-10)
  6. Intent of Employment (NIFA-07-10)
  7. Recommendations (NIFA-08-10)

In addition to the seven forms, Applicants are also required to include the following:  a resume, a map of the shortage area in relation to planned employment for shortage area types I & II, additional loan documentation, and an unofficial transcript from the applicant’s professional veterinary degree program. please refer to the RFA regarding the details and additional information in completing each form.

The resumé is a summary of the applicant’s education, work history, credentials, trainings/seminars, certifications, and other accomplishments and skills. The body of the resumé is limited to two pages. 

An unofficial transcript from your professional veterinary degree program must be included in the submission of the application package. If you attended more than one school during your D.V.M. studies, an unofficial transcript from each school must be provided. If your degree has not posted to your transcripts prior to the application deadline, please provide an unofficial copy to date. If you are selected for a VMLRP award, you will be required to provide official transcripts.

In addition to completing the application forms, the applicant must provide loan documentation, including a promissory note, current account statement, and federal student aid summary reports for each loan prior to the application deadline. Please refer to the VMLRP Loan Document Tutorial webpage and the RFA for specific guidance and additional information. 

How to Submit an Application

Please refer to the RFA for specific instructions regarding acceptable delivery methods for submission. 

Correspondence regarding submitted applications will be sent via e-mail. Therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to provide accurate e-mail addresses on the Applicant Information (NIFA-01-10) form.

Please be sure to retain a copy of the entire application for your personal records.

​Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see the following page for the applicants and the application process for the VMLRP program.

Contact Information

For further information, contact: VMLRP.


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