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VMLRP Renewals Application Guide

A renewal application is an application from a veterinarian who previously received and completed a three-year VMLRP award. 

If you continue to meet the eligibility criteria, current award recipients may apply for a competitive renewal award at the conclusion of their current award to serve the same shortage situation area as the first three years. If a current VMLRP awardee wishes to serve a different shortage situation, they will need to apply as a new applicant.

Renewal applications must be received by the posted deadline, will be evaluated in competition with other pending applications, and will be reviewed according to the same evaluation criteria as new applications. The application process is a competitive process and submission of a renewal application does not assure award of continued VMLRP benefits.

There is no limit to the number of times you can extend your VMLRP award. As long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria and have eligible remaining repayable debt, you may apply for a renewal award, which may be awarded for one, two, or three years.

How to complete the VMLRP Renewal Application

Each form is available as a fillable PDF, except for the personal statement. Applicants will create their own document for the personal statement. An application checklist is available to assist you with the submission of your application. If you have questions or have trouble downloading any of the forms, please contact us. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Individuals may submit only one application per cycle. Please type your answers on all pages. Handwritten answers in your application will not be accepted. NIFA reserves the right to contact you to request additional documentation.

Review the Request for Applications (RFA) and all details provided in each of the forms and submit your application.

A renewal application is composed of five forms:

  1. Applicant Information Form (NIFA-01-10)
  2. Personal Statement (NIFA-02-10)
  3. List of Recommenders (NIFA-03-10)
  4. Certifications for Application (NIFA-06-10)
  5. Recommendations (NIFA-08-10)

In addition to the five forms, applicants are also required to include the following:  a resumé, a map of the shortage area in relation to planned employment for shortage area types I & II, updated account statement(s), and an unofficial transcript from the applicant’s professional veterinary degree program. Please refer to the RFA regarding the details and additional information in completing each form.

On the Applicant Information Form (NIFA-01-10), you should enter the five-character Shortage Identification Code of the shortage situation you are currently serving through a VMLRP award even if this shortage situation does not appear on the map for the application cycle in which you are submitting your renewal application. If you are unsure of the Shortage Identification Code for the shortage situation you are currently serving, you should contact the VMLRP staff to obtain this information.

In an updated resumé, you must provide information on any academic, work, and professional achievements that took place since the start of your first VMLRP award. 

The personal statement provides you an opportunity to present a progress report starting with the start date of your current VMLRP award. Information provided in the personal statement should include information on how you have been effectively addressing the specific shortage situation in which you are currently serving. An explanation should also be included to offer justification of your ability to continue the mitigation of this shortage situation. 

Your renewal application must include three recommendation forms (NIFA-08-10). These recommendations should speak directly to the abilities and progress you exhibited while you provided veterinary services within the specific shortage situation you served during the three-year award (initial service agreement).

Because we have your loan information from your initial application and award, there is no need to submit the Loan Information Form (NIFA-04-10) with your renewal application.  However, you need to provide an updated lending institution account statement(s). Please refer to the VMLRP Loan Document Tutorial webpage for further details regarding the account statement. We may contact you to request updated information on your loans during the application period.

Length and Amount of a Renewal Award

In almost all cases, your renewal award will be based on your eligible debt from your initial application for a VMLRP award and the assumption that the maximum amount of $75,000 was paid toward your eligible loans during your initial three-year VMLRP award. However, NIFA reserves the right to decide the length of renewals based on its budget and funding priorities.

Click on the link below to view examples of renewal awards which provides a clearer picture of how the length of a renewal award is determined as well as how the award amount of a renewal award is determined.

Contact Information

For further information, contact: VMLRP.



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