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VMLRP Shortage Situations

NIFA releases Veterinarian Shortage Situations every fiscal year. This page provides information to the link of the shortage situations map, the federal notice for nominating a veterinarian shortage situation, and webinar information. 

The designated Veterinarian Shortage Situations map contains all shortage situation designations for each Fiscal Year (FY) application cycle. All states shaded in blue have at least one designated shortage situation. The shortage situations will appear in the table below the map. Additional details for that area can be found by clicking on the Shortage ID code or the nomination form PDF of the area of interest. Previous years' designations can be found by selecting the year of interest in the FY filter (data not currently available for all program years).

Veterinary Services Shortage Situations Map

Veterinary Shortage Situation Federal Register Notice

On an annual or as needed basis, NIFA releases a Federal Register Notice soliciting nominations for veterinary shortage situations from all State Animal Health Officials (SAHOs; includes chief animal health officials for US insular areas and D.C.) and appropriate Federal Animal Health Official(s) for federal lands allocations. Please be sure to search and review the current "Solicitation of Veterinary Shortage Situation Nominations for the VMLRP" on the Federal Register Notice carefully before nominating an area. 

Veterinary Shortage Situation Webinar

Please reference the SAHO Shortage Situation Nomination Webinar for additional information.

For further information, contact: VMLRP 


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