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2015 AFRI and NIWQP Project Directors Meeting

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the Soil and Water Conservation Society hosted the FY 2015 Agricultural and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) and the National Integrated Water Quality (NIWQP) Project Directors Meeting. 

The meeting brought together scientific and conservation professionals to share learned concepts, innovative methodologies, and project successes. The meeting also fostered communication among NIFA program staff, project and co-project directors, collaborators, and graduate students to enhance understanding of complex water, soil, and agroecosystem science issues. Awardees were assisted with ways to meet project challenges and benefitted from sharing of new information, resources, as well as the development of professional relationships that may serve as groundwork for future collaborations. The meeting also helped NIFA staff identify success stories and impacts. 

2015 AFRI/NIWQP Meeting Presentations

Project Director Presentations

PD Name Project Title
Jacinth Pierre-Andre Assessing Threshold Benefits of Conservation Tillage During Drought Years: Implications for Nutrient Use Efficiency and Water Quality

Allan Andales

Mobile Irrigation Water Management System Using eRAMS Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Mazdak Arabi

Improved Assessment of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fate and Transport for Irrigated Agricultural Watersheds in Semi-Arid Regions

Dave Bachoon

Evaluating the Presence of Pathogenic Bacteria in Fecal Sample of Feral Pigs and Their Transport to Surface Waters

Jon E. Bartholic

An Integrative Decision Support System for Managing Water Resources under Increased Climate Variability

Michael J. Castellano Integrating Soil Carbon Stabilization Concepts and Nitrogen Cycling
Alex Chow Impacts of Prescribed Fire on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Production and Contaminant Photo-transformation Reductions in Coastal Plain
Christopher David Clark Using Hydro-Economic Modeling to Optimally Allocate Water in the Humid Southeastern U.S.

Susan E. Crow

Practical Benefits of Biochar Amendment to Agricultural Systems: Linking Soil And Microbial Processes to Economic Feasibility and Sustainability

Richard M. Cruse

An Integrated Approach to Precision Conservation Planning in the South Fork Watershed

Patrick Dohan

Developing a Web-based Forecasting Tool for Nutrient Management

Chelcy Rae Ford Consequences Of Stand Age And Structure On Forest Water Yield
Garey A. Fox Implementation of In-Stream, Streambank and Riparian Practices in Conjunction with Upland Practices for Conservation of Water Resources
Timothy Gates Water Quality and Productivity Enhancement in an Irrigated River Basin through Participatory Conservation Planning and Analysis
Arthur J. Gold Efficacy, Constraints and Uncertainties of Constructed Wetlands and Bioreactors: A Place-Based, Integrated Approach to Foster N Abatement
Timothy Griffis Regional-Scale Assessment of N2O Emissions within the US Corn Belt: The Impact of Precipitation and Agricultural Drainage on Indirect Emissions
Mussie Y. Habteselassie Impacts of On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems on Water Quality and Quantity in Urbanizing Watersheds
Christine E. Hatch Farms, Floods and Fluvial Geomorphology: Making The Most Of Our Natural Resources
Shreeham Prabhakar Inamdar Water Quality and Ecosystem Services from Landscape Best Management Practices That Enhance Vegetation in Urbanizing Watersheds
Krista L. Jacobsen Toward Sustainable Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling on Diversified Horticulture Farms Serving Community Food Systems
Deb P. Jaisi Application of Oxygen Isotopes In Phosphate as a Tracer To Quantify Phosphorus Cycling in Agricultural Environments
Deb P. Jaisi Application of Phosphate Oxygen Isotope Ratios to Detect Sources and Cycling of Phosphorus in the White Creek, a Chesapeake Bay Watershed
KG Karthikeyan Multi-Scale Investigation of Winter Runoff and Nutrient Loss Processes in Actively Managed Dairy Agroecosystems
David Andrew Keiser The Value of Water Quantity Versus Quality: Assessing the Tradeoffs between Agricultural Yields and Downstream Uses of Water Resources
Samir Kumar Khanal Nitrogen Transformations in Aquaponic Systems
Eric Knapp Variable Thinning Using Historical Stand Structure Data to Create Fire-Resilient Forests and Enhance Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate
Edward Kolodziej Water Quality Implications of Unique Transformation Processes of Synthetic Steroids Used As Agricultural Pharmaceuticals
Jennifer Moore-Kucera Soil Microbial Communities: Key Indicators of Soil Carbon Transformations When Conservation Reserve Program Land is Converted to Cropland
Sandeep Kumar Integrated Plan for Drought Preparedness and Mitigation, and Water Conservation at the Watershed Scale
Jennifer Lara Kushner Water Equals National Education Campaign: Transforming Young People`s Relationship with Water
Xu Li Accumulation of Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella in Lettuce After Irrigation using Recycled Water
Martha Mamo Grazing Management Effect on Micro- and Macro-Scale Fate of Carbon and Nitrogen in Rangelands
Laura McCann Factors Affecting Adoption of Nutrient Management Practices by Farmers and Homeowners
Maureen McCarthy Enhancing Climate Resiliency and Agriculture on American Indian Land
Rebecca Lynne McCulley

Controls on the Plant-Soil Stoichiometry of Dryland Agroecosystems: A Sabbatical Strengthening Grant

Kati White Migliaccio Smart Irrigation: Smartphone Technology for Managing Urban and Agricultural Irrigation
Shelton Murinda Algae for Conversion of Manure Nutrients to Animal Feed: Evaluation of Advanced Nutritional Value, Toxicity, and Zoonotic Pathogens
Michael P. O'Neill A Synthesis of the NIFA Water Portfolio (2000-2013)
Deanna Osmond Analysis of Conservation Practice Effectiveness and Producer Adoption Behavior in Lake Jordan Watershed, NC
Joel Paz Downstream Water Quality and Quantity Impacts of Water Storage Systems in Porter Bayou Watershed
Zeyuan Qiu Managing Critical Source Areas for Enhancing Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Landscapes
Chittaranjan Ray Investigation into Effect of Soil Moisture Depletion on Vegetable Crop Uptake of Microcontaminants Under Recycled Water Irrigation
John Regan Hydrological-Microbial Interactions Controlling Landscape Phosphorus Mobility
Alejandro Antonio Royo Multi-Scale Effects of Landscape Heterogeneity and Forest Management on Ungulate Browsing: Towards A Predictive Measure of Impact
Aleksey Y. Sheshukov Measuring Success of Targeted BMP Implementation, and Getting Smarter about Ephemeral Gully Sediment and Nutrient Sources and BMPs
Faye Sleeper A Management Tool for Small Community Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: The Community System Owner`s Guide
Bongkeun Song Unveiling Fungal Contributions to Agricultural Soil Nitrogen Cycling Following Application of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers
Michael Scott Strickland Interactions Between Antibiotic Resistance In Soil Microbial Communities and Coupled Elemental Cycles
Gurpal S. Toor Developing tools to attenuate emerging contaminants in onsite wastewater treatment systems
Rodrigo Vargas Coupling Solid-Aqueous-Gas Phases of Carbon and Nitrogen Across Topographic Gradients and  Extreme Weather Events 
Forbes R. Walker Watershed Scale Project in Oostanaula Creek
Mark A. Williams Peptide/Protein Stabilization and C and N Sequestration in Soils: Contributions of Mineralogy in Native and Agro-managed Soils
Jonathan Winsten Enabling the Flow of Ecosystem Services from Agriculture to Improve Puerto Rico's Water Quality and Mitigate Global Climate Change
Kang Xia Fate of Chemicals of Emerging Concern in Agroecosystems Amended with Animal Manure Using Novel Manure Land Management Technologies: Impact of Multi-scale Soil Processes
Wei Zhang Physicochemical Controls on Transport of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Hormones to Surface Waters
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