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Acknowledgment of USDA Support by NIFA

Acknowledgment of Funding

Proper acknowledgement of your public funding in published articles, manuscripts, dissertations, posters, presentations, inventions, patents, and press releases in compliance with 2 CFR 415.2 is critical for the success of the agency’s programs.  

Please use the following language to acknowledge NIFA support in such publications, as appropriate per the NIFA Policy Guide.

“This research was supported [in part] by the intramural research program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, [insert program type, e.g., Hatch/Evans-Allen/McIntire-Stennis, etc., and accession number, if applicable].” 

The recipient must also include a disclaimer in all publications and presentations stating the following:  

“The findings and conclusions in this preliminary [publication/presentation/blog] have not been formally disseminated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture and Should not be construed to represent any agency determination or policy.”  

Presentations should include this disclaimer on the title slide in similar font and size to the name and title of the presenter. 

If the grantee plans to issue a press release concerning the outcome of NIFA grant-supported research, they should notify NIFA in advance to allow for coordination. Upon publications, the grantee should share the release with NIFA Communications for amplification.

Publications resulting from work performed under a NIFA grant supported project must be included as part of the annual or final progress report submitted to NIFA. When publications are available electronically, electronic access information should be provided. 

Press Announcements and Media Interviews

Recommended awards should not be announced in any manner by a grantee or their organization until the program award announcement has been made by NIFA’s communication office. This applies to press releases, newsletters, press interviews, and web or social media postings. Notification is official when the announcement is posted in the weekly NIFA Update or to the NIFA website.

The awardee is responsible for acknowledging NIFA support during news media interviews that discuss work supported by NIFA by including language such as:

This work is/was supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Official NIFA Identifier  

Per NIFA regulations and guidelines, it is expected that grantees use NIFA’s official identifier in publications, posters, websites and presentations resulting from their award. The Official NIFA identifier webpage on the NIFA website provides identifiers in several formats, color modes, and resolutions for specific use in software applications. Please refer to this page for additional details. Please contact NIFA for more information. 


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