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How to Report on AREERA National Outcomes and Indicators

* POW Integration Update: Because of the work we will be doing on the integration of the Plan of Work into one platform that works conjointly with REEport, the projects reporting system, we are now going to suspend the reporting done in Google Forms found in the National Outcomes and Indicators section of the Annual Report in the Plan of Work software. When completing this year’s 2016 Annual Report of Accomplishments, in the National Outcomes and Indicators section, please utilize only the options found at the top of the page in Section One, “NIFA Selected Outcomes and Indicators.” The links to the full lists found in Section Two are no longer utilized, so please do not enter any data into the Google Forms.

Other documents listed on this resource page provide listings of the standardized national outcomes and indicators that have been developed by NIFA in conjunction with its Land-Grant partners and other stakeholder groups. There are three broad groups of listings:

  • Five Priorities (Childhood Obesity, Climate Change, Food Safety, Global Food Security and Hunger, and Sustainable Energy);
  • 4-H Youth Common Measures;
  • and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Choosing to adopt and report on any of the outcomes/indicators is completely voluntary. States may choose to manually enter the outcomes directly into their POW or Annual Report. Please contact with any questions.

To request a copy, email us for the 4-H Common Measures Guidance for the Web.

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