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It’s a Small World After All

Delaware State University (DSU) used a 1890 Capacity Building Teaching grant to give its students the world. In turn, they also built stronger ties of research and learning with other 1890 institutions, universities in Costa Rica, and USDA.

DSU’s programs give undergraduate and graduate students the chance to study abroad with a focus on agriculture and trade. To date, 39 students from five 1890 institutions have studied at two universities in Costa Rica — the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) and Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda (EARTH University).

The discussions and exercises help students appreciate other cultures and understand what is involved in exporting fresh tropical produce to the United States. In addition, CATIE and EARTH universities prepare students for careers at USDA agencies.

To date, Tuskegee University, Alabama A&M University, Florida A&M University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore have participated in this program. Tuskegee University and Alabama A&M University also used NIFA funds to support their students in this program.

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