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Multistate Research Groups in the Family & Consumer Sciences

The mission of the multistate research program is to enable research on high-priority topics among the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES) in partnership with USDA/NIFA, other research institutions and agencies, and with the Cooperative Extension Service (CES). In this way, technological opportunities and complex problem solving activities which are beyond the scope of a single SAES, can be approached in a more efficient and comprehensive way. The National Information Management & Support System (NIMSS) is a web-based application that allows participants of Multistate Research Projects and Activities to submit proposals and reports online.

Multistate research activities overseen by the NIFA Division of Family & Consumer Sciences and focusing on issues of Family Well-Being and Community Vitality include:

References and titles of related projects.
Number Project Title
NC170 Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards
NC1030 Sustainable Families, Firms and Communities in Times of Change
NC1100 Land-Grant University Innovation Diffusion Enhancement
NC1171 Interactions of Individual, Family, Community, and Policy Contexts on the Mental and Physical Health of Diverse Rural Low-Income Families
NC1177 Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition
NC2172 Behavioral Economics and Financial Decision-Making and Information Management Across the Lifespan
NCCC52 Family Economics Coordinating Committee
NCCC65 Indicators of Social Change in the Marketplace: Producers, Retailers and Consumers
NCERA197 Agricultural Safety and Health Research and Extension
NCERA216 Latinos and Immigrants in Midwestern Communities
NCERA218 Health, Well-Being, and Economic Opportunity for LGBT Persons in Rural Communities
NE1749 Enhancing Rural Economic Opportunities, Community Resilience, and Entrepreneurship
NEERA1501 University-Community Intermediaries: Supporting Informed Decision-Making Around Polarized Issues
S1082 Aging in Place: Home and Community in Rural America
SAC3 Human Science Research Administration 
SAC7 Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
SCC76 Economics and Management of Risk in Agriculture and Natural Resources
W3191 Elder Financial Exploitation: Family Risk and Protective Factors
WERA1010 Improving Data Quality from Sample Surveys to Foster Agricultural, Community and Development in Rural America

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