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National Plant Diagnostic Network

NIFA provides national leadership and support for the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN), which is led by five regional labs (at Cornell University, the University of Florida, Michigan State University, Kansas State University, and the University of California at Davis) and one support lab (at Texas Tech University).

NPDN is a national network of diagnostic laboratories that rapidly and accurately detect and report pathogens that cause plant diseases of national interest, particularly those that could be deemed to be a biosecurity risk.  This laboratory network ensures that all participating land-grant university diagnostic facilities are alerted of possible plant disease outbreaks and/or introductions and are technologically equipped to detect and identify pests and pathogens rapidly.

The mission of NPDN is accomplished through an effective communication network of regional expertise that uses harmonized reporting protocols to update a national database of pest and disease occurrences.

Learn more about the present activities of the NPDN and plans for the future at the NPDN website.

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