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NIFA-22-001 NIFA Grants Application Guide

The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) publishes funding opportunities and accepts grant application submissions through the federal site. The NIFA Grants Application Guide provides guidance for the preparation and submission of NIFA grant applications via the system. This guide provides general information and references pertaining to the grant application process as well as NIFA-specific instructions and requirements.

When applying for a NIFA award, it is important to reference the version of the guide that is included in the specific funding opportunity application package.

NOTE: The guide provided here may not be the same version of the NIFA Grants Application Guide (i.e., it is meant to serve as an example) in a funding opportunity; therefore, please follow the NIFA Grants Application Guide provided in the application package on for the specific funding opportunity of interest. The current version being added to newly posted funding opportunities is dated July 2023.

Click here to see where the NIFA Grants Application Guide is located in the funding opportunity package.

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*Disclaimer: The contents of this document do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. This document is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.

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