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NIFA Invests Nearly $8M in AFRI Predoctoral Fellowships

The Predoctoral Fellowships program area of NIFA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative helps to develop new scientists and professionals to enter research, education, and/or extension fields within the food and agricultural sciences within the private sector, government, or academia. The aim of these fellowships is to cultivate future leaders who can solve emerging agricultural challenges of the 21st century. NIFA is particularly interested in supporting fellows that address (1) sustainable agricultural intensification; (2) agricultural climate adaptation; (3) food and nutrition translation; (4) value-added innovation; and (5) agricultural science policy leadership. Projects must address all of the following: Objectives that are aligned with one or more of the six AFRI priority areas; Well-developed academic experiences and global competencies; Productive and interactive mentoring plans; Appropriate and applicable training/career development activities; and Substantive evaluation plans.
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