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NIFA Social Media Communications Toolkit: April 2022

To download these NIFA Social Media Toolkit images, click the .zip file link located at the bottom of the page

Overarching Theme: Care for the Earth

This month’s toolkit will highlight NIFA-funded projects that advance energy independence; help farms and ranches, forests and rangelands adapt to climate change; address natural resources, including air, water and soil; and advance sustainable forest, range and agricultural production. 

Key Dates 

  • National Garden Month – Year of Plants  
  • National Pest Management Month – Managing Pests Through IPM 
  • National Volunteer Month -- Volunteering Is Empathy in Action 
  • April 4-8: National Wildlife Week -- Recovering Key Species for Ecosystem Restoration 
  • April 7: World Health Day – Our Planet, Our Health 
  • April 14: National Gardening Day – Get Out and Garden 
  • April 22: Earth Day – Invest in Our Planet 
  • April 29: National Arbor Day – Celebrate National Arbor Day 

Sample Tweets

Overarching Theme: Care for the Earth 

  • When we care for the #Earth, we make the #planet a better place to live for everyone. Learn more about (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER)’s sustainable agriculture research that is supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to NIFA-funded sustainable agriculture research.  
  • #Climatechange is happening, and rural America is on the frontlines. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is conducting research to mitigate climate change in rural America. Link to NIFA-funded research that mitigates climate change.  
  • Now is the time for the agriculture and forestry sectors to implement climate-smart solutions. At (UNIVERSITY) Extension, we’ve developed climate-smart tools with support from @USDA_NIFA. #climatechange Link to climate-smart tools developed with NIFA support.  
  • At (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER), we are helping care for the #Earth by conducting research to conserve and preserve our natural resources. Learn more about this research supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to NIFA-funded conservation research.  
  • (UNIVERSITY) Extension works to increase #climate literacy. Learn more about our @USDA_NIFA-supported outreach and education programs about #climatechange. Link to Extension climate change education resources.
  • At (UNIVERSITY) Extension, we provide valuable educational and assistance to help producers become more familiar with and use new technologies. Learn more about our precision agriculture resources supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to Extension precision agriculture resources.  
  • Ecosystems provide life-sustaining interactions for many plants and animals. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is conducting research to understand and predict changes in droughts and floods to mitigate risk. Link to ecosystem research supported by NIFA. 
  • Future agricultural success depends on our ability to make use of Earth’s natural resources without permanently damaging or depleting them. Learn more about (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER)’s ecosystem research supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to ecosystem research supported by NIFA. 
  • Long-term resilience via soil and forest health is critical reducing climate risk. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is conducting soil and forest health research to combat #climatechange. Link to NIFA-funded soil and forest health research that helps combat climate change.  
  • At (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER), we’re helping train a climate-smart ready workforce with support from @USDA_NIFA. Learn more about our work here. #climatechange Link to NIFA-supported workforce development program.  
  • Underserved communities are disproportionately impacted by #climatechange. At (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER), we’re working with producers and land managers in these communities to address the causes and consequences of climate change with support from @USDA_NIFA. Link to climate change programs benefitting underserved communities that is supported by NIFA.  
  • Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet. At (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER), we’re developing new varieties of plants and animals that can adapt to climate change with support from @USDA_NIFA. Link to breeding and variety research supported by NIFA.  
  • An unstable climate causes problems for all life on Earth. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is identifying new management strategies for agriculture and forestry to adapt to climate change. Link to NIFA-supported research.  

National Garden Month 

  • During #nationalgardenmonth, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is celebrating the Year of Plants. Learn more about our @USDA_NIFA-funded plant research. Link to NIFA-supported plant research. 
  • It’s #nationalgardenmonth. At (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) Extension, we’re celebrating the Year of Plants with support from @USDA_NIFA. Check out our planting and plant resources. Link to NIFA-supported plant resources. 

National Pest Management Month 

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) allows growers to control pests in a manner that is economically viable, ecologically prudent and safe for human health. Learn more about this @USDA_NIFA-supported #IPM project at (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER). Link to NIFA-supported IPM research. 
  • Damage from pests often results in vast economic consequences. Taking action to reverse pest infestation is essential to combating these adverse impacts. Learn more about how (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is developing alternative pest management strategies supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to IPM research supported by NIFA. 

National Volunteer Month 

  • #Volunteering is empathy in action. With support from @USDA_NIFA, 4-H youth put in thousands of #volunteer hours every year, including youth with (PARTNER 4-H). Link to 4-H volunteer project. 

April 4-8: National Wildlife Week  

  • Protecting #wildlife and their habitats not only saves animals and beautiful natural spaces, it saves our future. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is conducting #conservation research to protect wildlife. Link to wildlife research funded by USDA NIFA.  
  • When we save #wildlife, we save ourselves. Learn more about (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER)’s #conservation education programs that are supported by @USDA_NIFA. Link to wildlife program funded by USDA NIFA.  

April 7: World Health Day  

  • Imagine a world where clean air, water and food are available to all. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is conducting research to keep people and the #planet healthy. Link to research that supports human and/or planet health by USDA NIFA.  
  • When people have control over their health and the health of the #planet, society benefits. Learn more about how (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is helping make our community and planet healthier with support from @USDA_NIFA. Link to community health program funded by USDA NIFA.  

April 14: National Gardening Day  

  • #Gardening can reduce stress and mental clarity while also help prevent disease. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY) Extension Master Gardeners have the resources to encourage you to get out and garden. Link to Extension Master Gardener resources.  

April 22: Earth Day 

  • On #EarthDay, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is doing our part to invest in our planet. Learn more about our @USDA_NIFA-funded research that is helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Link to NIFA-funded greenhouse gas emission research.  
  • With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) Extension is helping combat our greatest threat, #climatechange, through climate-smart education and outreach. #EarthDay Link to NIFA-funded climate-smart education and outreach. 

April 29: National Arbor Day 

  • The net cooling effect of a young, healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day. With support from @USDA_NIFA, (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) Extension works with citizens and landowners on how to care for our state’s trees. #planttrees Link to NIFA-funded forestry education program. 
  • One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen--enough to meet the annual needs of 18 people. Learn more about how (UNIVERSITY/PARTNER) is supporting forests through research supported by @USDA_NIFA. #planttrees Link to NIFA-funded forestry research. 
  • At (UNIVERSITY) Extension, we help citizens and landowners learn about and care for our state’s forests, trees, wildlife and habitats. Learn more about our #forestry programs education programs supported @USDA_NIFA. #planttrees Link to Extension forest education resources.   

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