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Financial Management Division

Specifically, FMD is responsible for the following functions and activities:


  • Assist NIFA and USDA in supporting more effectively and efficiently program outcomes by ensuring the integrity, timeliness, relevance, and transparency of financial accounting data.
  • Assist NIFA and USDA by providing critical customer service and technical outreach to grantee and stakeholders.
  • Support NIFA and USDA to provide more effective program evaluation and hold management accountable by providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive financial accounting reports.
  • Support USDA’s Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) by leveraging Departmental resources and other Federal agency shared-services to reduce administrative costs, improve customer service, improve data quality, and enhance data analytics.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures related to the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Improvement Act of 2010 are developed, implemented, and adhered to by NIFA staff and grantees to minimize improper payments as defined under this Act.
  • Ensure that proper internal controls per OMB Circular A-123 – Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control are incorporated in all financial accounting and fiscal operations of FMD.
  • Ensure that GONE Act reporting for NIFA is accurate and submitted by established due dates.
  • Review, reconcile, and resolve unliquidated obligations according to Departmental guidelines and directives.