Institute of Food Production and Sustainability

The Institute of Food Production and Sustainability (IFPS) enhances food security through productive and sustainable agricultural systems. The institute helps agricultural producers use technological and scientific methods to boost U.S. agricultural production while maintaining and restoring the environment.

IFPS projects help improve the nation’s capacity to meet growing domestic and global food demands while reducing agriculture’s environmental footprint.  The institute supports projects at a range of scales — from local to global. IFPS’ four divisions employ novel approaches, partnerships, and alliances to develop sustainable strategies to help feed the world and improve people’s well-being through scientific advances, extension services, and the delivery of improved agricultural products.


  • Support the global economy through agricultural research and education
  • Increase food security through sustainable food production
  • Protect the nation’s farms, ranches, forests, and living environments from pests and disease
  • Use innovative strategies to advance sustainable and modern agricultural practices 
  • Inspire, foster, and provide opportunities for future generations of scientists and practitioners