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Division of Agricultural Systems


Research has shown that treating agricultural operations as a system offers greater management flexibility, provides environmentally and economically sustainable practices and creates safer and healthier conditions. Our projects help agricultural producers and ranchers use scientific discoveries, next generation of engineering systems, climate-smart agricultural practices, and tools to develop sustainable agricultural operations for United States and global agriculture and food systems. Further, our projects support research on economic and behavioral impacts of consumption related to food access, consumption, and nutrition. 

  • Provide leadership to Land-Grant university partners and other grantees to conduct research, education, and extension activities in programs related to agricultural systems. 
  • Support underserved farmers or ranchers or small- or medium-sized farms or ranches to promote rural economic development and sustainability
  • Make farm safety education and certification accessible to youth and recruit them to participate
  • Support climate-smart agricultural technologies and practices to create positive economic, environmental, and social impact and to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions
  • Develop robotics and mechanization of labor, including tools for small- or medium-sized farms and disabled farmers
  • Support the development of urban, indoor, and other emerging agricultural production systems
  • Support research on consumer behavior related to agriculture including food and nutrition choices as well as food and nutrition security
  • Support efforts to grow the resiliency and viability of the local and regional food system from the perspective of the producer and consumer thereby expanding market opportunities within this system 

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