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Division of Food Safety

Through competitive grant programs, we seek solutions to the microbial and chemical hazards that contaminate food and cause disease and illness. The division’s programs seek to improve support for and coordination of food safety research, education, and outreach at universities across the nation. We also strengthen communication and networking among food safety professionals.


  • Reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Develop and promote improved food processing technologies to ensure that food appearance, flavor, and texture are retained when nutritional quality is improved
  • Create new food products and  improve packaging   Research the impacts of foodborne illness, reduce related risk factors, and control costs related to food safety issues

For Director and National Program Leader (NPL) contacts by Institute and Division, please visit the NIFA Institutes page.
For NPL contacts by Program, please visit the NIFA National Program Leaders page.

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