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Planning, Accountability, and Reporting Staff


The Planning, Accountability and Reporting Staff (PARS) is an integral resource in the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), championing data-driven decision making. PARS is committed to improving data analysis and reporting and providing outstanding customer support to all stakeholders.



•    Strategic Planning     
•    Performance Metrics     
•    Portfolio Analysis     
•    Data Governance, Stewardship and Analysis     
•    Centralized Data Request Process     
•    Capacity, Competitive and Non-competitive Post-Award Grant Reporting     
•    Compliance and Accountability     
•    Intellectual Property Reporting Compliance


Data Requests

NIFA utilizes a centralized data request process facilitated by PARS to provide internal and external stakeholders with information that is verified and accurate.


Data Systems

•    Current Research Information System (CRIS)     
•    Data Gateway     
•    NIFA Reporting System (NRS)     
•    Research, Education and Economics Information System (REEIS)     
•    Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool (REEport)     


Alexis Nazario-Negron, Director
Stephanie Morriss, Lead Data Scientist
Troi Augustine, Administrative Officer
Khyri Raymond, Staff Assistant

Data Analysts
Libia Bernal
Emma Moran
Kelly McDonald
Anthony Johnson Jr
Gabrielle Risley
Rodney Vance

Program Analysts
Marshall Child
Joi Greene
Olivia Kwong
Laura Packman
Adam Preuter

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