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OGFM AMD Capacity Branch Contact list

Review this list to identify the OGFM AMD Capacity grant staff to contact with questions. For competitive grants, please see the RFA or your Notice of Award for the Grant Specialist contact.

OGFM AMD Capacity Grant Contacts
Formula Program Specialist Phone
HATCH (REG) Vacant 202-690-2943
HATCH (MULTI) Vacant 202-690-2943
MC-STENNIS Jharana Sahu 202-720-1253
AHDR Vacant 202-693-2563
SMITH-LEVER Vacant 202- 401-3669
SPECIAL NEEDS Jharana Sahu 202-720-1253
CSRS** Vacant 202-690-2943
FERS** Vacant 202- 401-3669
EFNEP Jharana Sahu 202-720-1253
UDC Vacant 202- 401-3669
SECTION 1444 Vacant  
RREA Vacant 202- 401-3669
TRIBAL ** Vacant 202- 401-3669

**Indicates Post-award actions only.

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