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Organic Plant Breeding Yields Superior Varieties for Cucurbit Growers

Farmers looking for disease-resistant cucurbits now have more choices thanks to the release of new cucumber and melon varieties by Cornell University—the result of years of research by public plant breeders and organic farmers. The new cucurbits exhibit exceptional resistance to evolving diseases as well as production and culinary characteristics important to organic farmers.

“Our approach to plant breeding involves a close collaboration with farmers, regional seed companies, and other researchers to test varieties in the environment of their intended use,” Michael Mazourek with the Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University said. “In the case of these cucurbit varieties, they were all bred with the needs of organic farmers in mind.”

To read the article about improved cucumbers and melons, visit the Carolina Farm Stewardship website.

NIFA supports this research through the Organic Research and Extension Initiative.

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