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Videos present lessons learned for transdisciplinary projects

Panel Manager Orientation

Welcome to the NIFA Virtual Panel Manager Orientation! Thank you for serving as a peer review Panel Manager. The training modules below should be completed prior to starting work with your program if possible. If you have any questions, please speak to the NIFA staff working on your program. NIFA may conduct group question and answer sessions and your National Program Leader will notify you if one is scheduled.

Required Video Training

The following YouTube videos do not need to be viewed sequentially. (Total time: approximately 2 hours 45 minutes)

Required Paper-Based Training

Please read through the following handouts. 


Ethics Training

  • USDA-NASA Ethics Training Game
    As a new groundbreaking innovation in the Federal government, USDA's Annual Ethics training is now in an engaging game format that features space travel, agriculture, and you! USDA and NASA have teamed up to create this interactive simulation where your knowledge of the Ethics rules will help you succeed in the game as you help lead a diverse team working against the clock to save USDA's automated greenhouse on the Moon.

Required Only for Specific Programs

The following YouTube videos are only required if the topic applies to the program you are working with. (Total time: approximately 10 minutes for programs with COE review; approximately 30 minutes for AFRI programs)


If you have any feedback on the videos or training materials, please contact the Admin Operations Team.

Attachments to View or Download

A note regarding PDF forms. Although you may view PDFs in your browser, in order to interact with a PDF form you must download the file, then fill out the form using Adobe Acrobat.

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