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Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration

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In an effort to keep current, the archive contains outdated information that may not reflect current policy or programs.

The Plan of Work and REEport integration project is an effort currently underway in which NIFA is working together with land-grant university (LGU) partners to find innovative solutions for meeting legislative requirements of the Agricultural Research, Education, and Extension Reform Act (AREERA), improve data quality, and lessen reporting burden.

The goal of the POW/REEport integration project is to better help "tell the story" of how the land-grant university partners and NIFA are working together to advance agricultural research and extension across the nation.


AREERA amended the Smith-Lever Act, the Hatch Act, and sections 1444 and 1445 of the National Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act of 1977, the funding authorities for several extension and research capacity grant programs, to require approved plans of work and annual reports of accomplishment in order to receive federal funding. The eligible recipients of these funds are commonly referred to as the 1862 land-grant institutions and 1890 land-grant institutions, including Tuskegee University and West Virginia State University. Eligible land-grant universities (LGUs) research grant recipients affected by AREERA submit POW reports in addition to project-level research activity reporting that are currently collected in REEport.

The 2015 Plan of Work (POW) Panel of Experts convened on June 16-18, 2015 and was composed of representatives from land-grant universities (LGUs) and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA). The Panel identified streamlining tactics to improve data quality in reports while reducing duplication and burden on LGUs and NIFA. The Plan of Work redesign, known as the Institutional Profile, delivers on the first of several recommendations found in the Plan of Work Panel of Experts Final Report and works towards improved integration between POW and NIFA’s Research, Extension, and Education Project Online Reporting Tool (REEport).

The POW Panel of Experts made several recommendations to NIFA leadership. Efforts are underway to realize the recommendations outlined in the report. The effort is a phased approach, with the release of a new POW report (Institutional Profile) in October 2018 for FY 2020 Plan of Work report submission.

NIFA reconvened an Extension Working Group that will assist NIFA with the defining new extension program initiation and progress reports.

NIFA plans to establish a 2020 Plan of Work Panel of Experts to continue the strategic work begun by the 2015 Plan of Work Panel of Experts.

Please visit Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration: Plan of Work Redesign page for a one-stop reference for resources and updates to changes in POW-related activities.

Reporting Milestones

Some milestones associated with the overall redesign and integration of POW and REEport reporting are:

  • Redesign Plan of Work (POW) Report: Institutional Profile
  • Develop Extension Program module in REEport to document extension program initiations, annual progress reports and financial reporting for extension programs.
  • Review and modify research project initiation data collection in REEport
  • Develop POW Annual Accomplishment Report for FY 2020 POW submission in Institutional Profile.

All these milestones will include POW information collection integration with REEport information collection data with the goal of streamlining and optimizing reporting efficiency, when possible. These milestones will be achieved over time through collaboration with our LGU partners. More information on the plan will be available shortly.

Please visit Plan of Work (POW)/REEport Integration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional details on POW/REEport redesign efforts, including information on the Institutional Profile.

If you are interested in better understanding the connection between state-defined critical issues, NIFA's Science Emphasis Areas and Knowledge Areas, visit the Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration: Science Emphasis Area (SEA) and Knowledge Area (KA) Connection resource page for more information.

To view the most recent Federal Register Notice announcing NIFA’s intention to extend and revise a currently approved information collection, please visit “Reporting Requirements for State Plans of Work for Agricultural Research and Extension Formula Funds” notice on the official Federal Register site.

For more information on individual capacity grant programs and general requirements specific to these programs, please visit Capacity Grants.

For questions and concerns regarding the new Plan of Work, please contact

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