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The International Science and Education Program provided grants supporting research, extension, and teaching activities that enhanced the capabilities of American colleges and universities to conduct international collaborative research, extension and teaching.

The International Science and Education (ISE) competitive grants program was designed to strengthen the international content of U.S. university-based teaching, research and extension programs so that graduates, faculty and staff are more globally competent and competitive in the world of agriculture. U.S. success in the global arena will increasingly require U.S. colleges and universities to produce graduates who can operate competently in domestic and international settings. Through their outreach efforts, universities and colleges also play a critical role in helping U.S. producers successfully operate in foreign markets.

With today’s increasingly global society, USDA and its cooperating colleges and universities must play a major role in preparing U.S. citizens to work and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Now, more than ever, we need to produce graduates and public citizens with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures and the ability to comprehend complex global issues. University scientists are needed to conduct research on international problems and to bring beneficial information and technologies back home. Extension personnel with international competencies can help our local communities work more effectively with new immigrant populations, as well as identify opportunities for Extension clientele in a global economy.

By raising the international awareness of scientists, academicians and extension specialists on college and university campuses, ISE reached well beyond those who are knowledgeable of international issues and who were directly supported by the program. It ensured that international experiences and outlooks were conveyed through campus professionals to students, staff, farmers and other citizens. Thousands of students benefited through the experience gained by their professors and mentoring scientists. Similarly, by strengthening international competencies of extension specialists, several hundred farmers and many community leaders also learned more about global competitiveness through extension training.

Projects funded under the ISE Program from 2005-2011 can be found in the external resources section below. 

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