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Reducing Greenhouse Gas - One Cow at a Time

​A five-year, NIFA-funded Dairy CAP is putting the U.S. dairy industry on target to reduce its GHG emissions by 25 percent by 2020. The University of Wisconsin is leading a team of 50 researchers who are examining all facets of dairy production to meet the goal by considering feed efficiency and feed production, manure processing and energy use, economic aspects of manure handling, nutrient use, water use, and soil quality. The researchers are developing computer models to identify where farm emissions are the greatest. By integrating process models with climate models, ​scientists will be able to recommend new management practices to reduce GHG.

NIFA originally published this impact in the NIFA 2016 Annual Report. Want to read about more impacts like this? Check out Fresh from the Field, a weekly bulletin showcasing transformative impacts made by grantees funded by NIFA.

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