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Resource Management in Commercial Greenhouse Production

Across the country, controlled environments make year-round agriculture possible. Researchers are working together to help greenhouse growers manage resources efficiently. Growers who adopted designs, practices, and tools developed by the group have seen energy savings of 5 to 30 percent and average-sized businesses have saved $20,000 per year in operating and maintenance costs. Many of these tools are now industry standards and are widely used. Educational videos created by the University of Arizona, The Ohio State University and Rutgers University (with additional funding from a Higher Education Challenge Grant) are used in curricula at many institutions and have over 20,000 views.

NIFA supports this project through the Multistate Research Fund and the Higher Education Challenge Grant Program.

Watch the educational videos.

Want to read about more impacts like this? Check out Fresh from the Field, a weekly bulletin showcasing transformative impacts made by grantees funded by NIFA.

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