NIFA Peer Review Process for Competitive Grant Applications

NIFA reviews all proposals accepted in the individual competitive programs through the peer review process.

FCS Leaders Contact

Family and Consumer Sciences Contact List (Updated November 2011)

National Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act of 1977

Legislation amending the Public Law enacting the Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act.

National Aquaculture Act of 1980

Legislation that provided for the development of Aquaculture in the U.S.

New Matching Requirements for Competitive Grant Awards

The Agricultural Act of 2014 added a new requirement for financial matching of some NIFA competitive grants awards.

Food and Fitness Community - New York City

Advocate for healthier options in local food stores; work in partnership with store owners, youth and youth organizations, WIC programs, schools, and economic development organizations to increase healthy food availability in stores.

Food and Fitness Community - Massachusetts

Project Vision: To create and sustain a more healthy and vibrant Holyoke through the development of programs, policies, community leadership and advocacy.

Food and Fitness Community - California

The HOPE Collaborative envisions vibrant Oakland neighborhoods that provide equitable access to affordable, healthy, locally grown food; safe and inviting places for physical activity and play; sustainable, successful local economies—all to the benefit of the families and youth living in those neighborhoods.

Charters: The Key to Official Recognition

4-H Charters, either in certificate or letter form, issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and signed by the Secretary of Agriculture’s designated representative are the only documents that officially recognize a 4-H Club and authorizes its use of the 4-H Name and Emblem for the conduct of 4-H Youth Development programs. The official 4-H Charter, issued by USDA, is obtained from the 4-H National Headquarters—USDA in two formats: certificate version (most widely used), and a letter version.

2014 Community Food Project Grants

2014 Community Food Project Grants project descriptions.