Official Documents & Guidelines

NIFA-18-015 VMLRP Loan Repayment Program Guidance

The Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP) Guidance is a resources for veterinarians receiving a VMLRP award. All participants should read this document carefully and refer to it as needed throughout participation in the program.

NIFA-16-001 Distributed Peer Review Pilot in Foundational Program

In FY 2016 Foundational Program RFA of AFRI, NIFA will use an innovative pilot peer review process. The peer-review pilot included in the Foundational RFA is for the use of a distributed peer review for three program priority areas (impacting about 150 applications).

NIFA-19-004 BFRDP Project Summary Format

BFRDP Project Summary Format

NIFA-16-004 BFRDP Sample Commitment and Pledge Letters

Sample Commitment and Pledge Letters

NIFA-15-019 Centers of Excellence Provision

The 2014 Farm Bill requires NIFA to establish Centers of Excellence by October 2014 for food and agricultural research, extension, and education.

NIFA-18-011 Indirect Costs - Frequently Asked Questions

Indirect Costs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NIFA-15-018 EPSCoR Terms and Conditions

In addition to the reporting requirements identified in the NIFA agency-specific terms and conditions, specific terms and and conditions apply to EPSCoR.

NIFA-18-010 NIFA Federal Assistance Programs List

This document lists all of the federal assistance types and programs for NIFA.

NIFA-15-017 Responses to Questions Re: Administration and Allowable Expenditures, 1890 Capacity and Facilities Funds

NIFA staff had the pleasure of meeting with representatives of the 1890 Land-Grant Institutions on January 27, 2015 at the Association of Extension Administrators (AEA) Winter Meeting. We are providing the following responses to questions that were raised as part of this meeting in an effort to clarify the administration and allowable expenditures of NIFA Capacity and 1890 Facilities funds.

NIFA-15-016 Late Application Consideration

General questions about NIFA’s policy regarding late applications.