Children's Healthy Living (CHL) Program for Remote Underserved Minority Populations in the Pacific Region - IFSN Seminar

Dr. Rachel Novotny, University of Hawaii presented CHL—Children’s Healthy Living Project for Remote Underserved Minority Populations in the Pacific Region and CHL graduate students presented their research projects.

FY16 1890 Capacity Building Grants Program Overview

Overview of the 1890 Capacity Building Grants Program for FY2016

History and Consumer Perceptions of Qualified Health Claims - IFSN Seminar

Dr. Amanda Berhaupt-Glickstein, presented a brief history of health claims and the results of an online survey of consumer perceptions.

Veterinary Services Grant Program Stakeholder Webinar

This webinar presentation for stakeholders provides a detailed overview of the Veterinary Services Grant Program, including its legislative background, goals and purpose, expected timeline, and the application process.

Non-land-grant Agriculture and Renewable Resources Universities Webinar

On Jan. 27, 2016, National Program Leaders (NPLs) discussed science (research, education and extension) solicited in our competitive programs that address climate change, food security, food safety, nutrition, bioenergy, beginning farmers and ranchers, rural business, among others. Following the program discussion, a panel of NPLs will took questions from the audience.

NIFA's Training & New Investigator Funding Opportunities - IFSN Seminar

Dr. Mallory Koenings, Program Specialist with the Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition, NIFA, USDA presented funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral training and new investigator awards offered by NIFA.

Zoonotic Disease Risk in Poultry Production - IFSN Seminar

Dr. Melha Mellata, Iowa State University presented a seminar entitled “Can E. coli from contaminated poultry food products cause human extra-intestinal infections? Development and evaluation of a vaccine to improve poultry health and enhance food safety”.

BFRDP FY16 Applicants Serving Veteran Audiences Webinar

This webinar recording is for organizations who serve military veterans, offering education, mentoring, or technical assistance to new farmers and ranchers.

Communicating Food Science, Technology, and Practical Nutrition Science – IFSN Seminar

Dr. Jerry Bowman, Vice President of Communications with the Institute of Food Technologists and Dr. Carol Byrd-Bredbenner, Professor Nutrition and Extension Specialist at Rutgers University will discuss the challenges facing scientists when they communicate their discoveries and share practical and meaning full solutions.

BFRDP Stakeholder Input Webinar 2015

BFRDP Stakeholder Input Webinar 2015