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Slowing the Spread of EAB in Vermont

The emerald ash borer (EAB) is an invasive insect that kills 99 percent of the North American ash trees it infects. There is no way to eradicate EAB, but communities can slow its spread by learning how to identify the insect, reporting findings, and creating ash tree management plans. The University of Vermont Extension and its partners reached an estimated 103,645 people with outreach and education efforts. As a result, 18 Vermont towns have taken action by writing a plan, completing an inventory of roadside ash trees, hosting outreach events, displaying and distributing flyers, and/or revising existing management plans.

NIFA supports this outreach through the Smith-Lever Act Capacity Funds.

Read more about EAB at Vermont Invasive's site.

Contact Katherine Forrer for more information.

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