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University of New Hampshire Kiwiberry Team Boosts Commercial Production

One of the main barriers to commercial kiwiberry production for regional growers is knowing which varieties are the most ideal to grow in the region. Now for the first time, growers can source commercially grown kiwiberry plants that have been genetically verified as being recommended to grow in New England by University of New Hampshire (UNH) researchers. 

The kiwiberry is a grape-sized relative of the common fuzzy supermarket kiwi, but with a smooth skin and a sweet tropical taste. Kiwiberry can be grown in colder climates and has recently increased in popularity but is not yet widely commercially grown. In 2013, Iago Hale, associate professor of specialty crop improvement, established the Kiwiberry Research and Breeding Program at the (UNH) Agricultural Experiment Station’s Woodman Horticultural Research Farm, to develop the kiwiberry into a novel, high-value crop. This research is funded by USDA’s NIFA and the state of New Hampshire. For more information, read the UNH article

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