Agriculture Systems and Technology

A University of Georgia-led research team is developing an advanced sensor system to help harvest and process fresh-market highbush blueberries at high-speed and with low yield loss. NIFA originally published this impact in the NIFA 2015 Annual Report.

International Partnerships to Strengthen Agricultural Research, Education, and Cultural Experiences

Fort Valley State University, Georgia, and Alabama A&M University have developed collaborative partnerships with Universidad Nacional de Agricultura Honduras, where students and faculty learned about sugarcane, coffee, tobacco, cashew, wine, shrimp, and tilapia production.

Youth as Zoonotic Disease Dectectives... What a Novella Idea!

Every year, people get sick from diseases spread between animals and people, or zoonotic diseases. A three-way partnership between 4-H National Headquarters at NIFA, USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are teaching youth to recognize and respond to zoonotic diseases, especially at local and state fairs.

Thinking Nanoscale: Fort Valley State University Researcher Uses Technology and Training to Help Students and Farmers

Nanotechnology involves seeing and controlling the smallest particles that make up products used in everyday life. As the global population continues to expand, Dr. Hari Singh’s research in this progressive science could help improve crop productivity and the environment. NIFA supports this research through the 1890 Capacity Building Grants Program.