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VMLRP Application Checklist

The VMLRP application checklists for new and renewal applications includes all major elements and forms that should be in a VLMRP application package. Applicants are encouraged to use the checklist to ensure all major elements of their application have been included prior to sending to NIFA by the application deadline. Review the Request for Applications (RFA) for information regarding deadlines, application form requirements, evaluation criteria and other information that is pertinent to the success of an application. Please note this checklist is a tool to assist applicants and it is not a substitute for carefully following all of the instructions within the RFA.

  • New Applicant: A new applicant is an individual who was not previously awarded and who will provide veterinary service(s) in a shortage situation.
  • Renewal Applicant: A renewing applicant is an individual who has provided veterinary service(s) in a shortage situation and who completed a signed VMLRP contract.
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