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VMLRP Certifications for Application (NIFA-06-10)

This is the signature page of the application.


Sign each section certifying the following:

Section 1 – The applicant’s signature in this section validates the contractual agreement for loan repayment. By signing this section, the applicant also authorizes the release of information about the applicant’s loans by the lending institution, servicing agent, and/or institutional program named in the application.

Section 2 – The applicant’s signature in this section certifies the accuracy of information provided in the application. The signature also confirms the applicant understands the consequences that may be imposed on the applicant in the event of false, fictitious, or fraudulent information being provided in the application.

Section 3 – The applicant’s signature in this section certifies the applicant’s request for confidential recommendations to be included in the application and used to determine the applicant’s merit as a prospective participant in the program.

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