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Veterinary Services Shortage Situations Map

The designated Veterinarian Shortage Situations map contains all shortage situation designations for a given fiscal year (FY) application cycle. All states shaded in blue have at least one designated shortage area. Shortage situations appear in the table below the map. Additional details for each shortage situation can be found by clicking on the nomination form PDF or the Shortage ID code of the area of interest. Previous years' designations can be found by selecting the year of interest in the FY filter (data is not currently available for all program years). Please note that using the Edge browser is not supported and may not allow you to view PDFs information in its entirety.


  • Details for Application: Click on the shortage identification number for details regarding required services, must serve locations, and must serve species.
  • Open: The application period is available for an eligible individual to apply to a shortage situation area during the respective application period.
  • Offered: Pending acceptance or declination of an award.
  • Awarded: The recipient accepted the award offer for the specific shortage situation.
  • Withdrawn: A participant withdrew from participation in the VMLRP after signing the service agreement.
  • Not Awarded: No applicant was offered an award in this shortage situation area or an offer was declined.
  • Unavailable: A shortage situation not able to be used or obtained.

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