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VMLRP Recommendation Form (NIFA-08-10)

Three separate recommendations are required. A Recommendation Form should be completed and submitted by each person identified by the applicant on Form NIFA-03-10. No handwritten responses will be accepted on any part of this form. Please ensure that all contact information and responses are typed or word-processed. 

Recommenders are required to send the completed recommendation form (NIFA-08-10) directly to NIFA by fax or email. Recommenders may fax the form to 1-833-208-8205 or e-mail the form as an attachment to


The Recommendation form includes ratings and short answers that will be used by reviewers to assess the applicant’s ability to satisfy the veterinary services component of the agreement. Short answers are limited to one side of a standard size (8 1/2” x 11”) white paper with one-inch margins. They must be typed or word-processed using an easily readable font (e.g., Geneva, Helvetica, Times New Roman) no smaller than 12-point, and double spaced.

Section 1 – Provide information on the recommender’s identity, position, organization, and other contact information.

Section 2 – Identify the applicant, including the type and length of relationship between the recommender and the applicant.

Section 3 – Select a rating of the applicant and provide short answers addressing strengths and weaknesses, practice plans and logistics, and overall assessment of the applicant. NOTE: Recommendations for renewal applicants should speak directly to the applicant's abilities and progress exhibited while the applicant provided veterinary services within the specific shortage situation during the three-year VMLRP award (initial service agreement).

Section 4 – The recommender’s signature certifies the integrity and authenticity of the information provided.

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