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VMLRP Volunteer Panelist Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest, and indication of potential availability, to serve on a VMLRP panel! As a VMLRP panel volunteer, you should be aware that by submitting the form below you are not making a firm commitment to NIFA. In constructing a balanced panel, NIFA must take many factors into consideration including all aspects of diversity and fairness. NIFA attempts to use as many qualified volunteers as possible while still meeting its obligations to assure balance of diversity and expertise. This means that for any given panel set we cannot guarantee all volunteers in our pool will receive an invitation to serve. Nevertheless, through your willing inclusion in our volunteer panelist pool for 2015 (or future years), you are already providing an essential public service by helping to ensure the integrity and quality of the VMLRP section processes.

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Your feedback is important to us.