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What We Do

NIFA-supported programs are turning research into action – bringing groundbreaking discoveries from research laboratories to farms, communities, and classrooms. NIFA supports research, education, and extension activities through three primary funding mechanisms – competitive grants, formula grants, and non-competitive grants. We fund and provide leadership for research, education, and extension programs that address national agricultural priorities.

Meeting agency mission and goals, our projects are engaged in finding innovative ways to:

  • Meet the growing global food demand
  • Fight hunger and food insecurity in vulnerable populations
  • Develop regional systems for sustainable production of optimal biomass
  • Help farmers and ranchers adapt to changing weather patterns
  • Ensure that nutritious foods are available at affordable prices
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhance youth and family development
  • Build energy independence
  • Strengthen educational capacity to prepare the next generation of scientists, agricultural producers, and educators
  • Restore and sustain natural resources supplies
  • Ensure the health of delicate ecosystems
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