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USDA NIFA Invests $26.7M to Further Research into Pests and Beneficial Species (AFRI A1112)

The Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems program area priority within the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative aims to advance knowledge of invasive or established plant pests and associated beneficial species leading to innovative and biologically-based strategies to manage pests. Target agricultural production systems include food and fiber crops, turf and ornamental plants, managed grasslands, rangelands, and planted forests. Conventional, organic and protected systems (including hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, vertical farming and other controlled environment agricultural systems) are also appropriate for study. Pests may include invertebrates, plant pathogens and/or their vectors, nematodes or weeds. Beneficial species in this program will be restricted to biological control agents and microbes that play a role in pest management.

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