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Hub on the Hill offers delivery to households covering 200 miles. Credit Field and Fork

New York GusNIP Project Leading Way

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Margaret Lawrence, Writer-Editor

The Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program (GusNIP) competitive grants portfolio includes three competitive grant programs. GusNIP’s Nutrition Incentive projects strive to improve dietary health through increased purchase of fruits and vegetables.

Double Up Food Bucks NY, a GusNIP funded project, provides SNAP recipients with a $1 for $1 match, up to $20 per day, that can be used to purchase fresh local produce. It operates at grocery stores, farmers markets, mobile markets, corner stores and farm stands. But with a new option that is available at a single food hub, customers can shop with SNAP benefits online, earn their Double Up Food Bucks, and redeem those fruit and vegetable incentives during a future purchase.   

Field and Fork Network, the nonprofit organization that runs Double Up Food Bucks NY, piloted the new option with Hub on the Hill, a store in an area of the state that has low food access. Hub on the Hill offers delivery to households covering 200 miles. Many in the area must drive 40 miles to the nearest grocery store. For low-income individuals, people with a disability and older adults, fresh healthy foods are out of reach.  

The Hub on the Hill is known for applying innovative technology to benefit its customers. In January, the Hub became the first food hub in the nation to accept SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer payments online. Now, SNAP recipients shopping online at the Hub will see Double Up Food Bucks NY discount codes automatically applied to their online account for their produce purchases - redeemable for discounts on any future produce purchases. 

“This model has great potential to make nutrition incentives more widely available and understood,” said Dr. Suzanne Stluka, deputy director of food safety and nutrition with USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. “Healthy food incentive programs are important resources for families and communities. Additionally, e-commerce will become increasingly more important as a way to increase access to healthy food.” 

The GusNIP Nutrition Incentive Program provides incentives at the point of purchase to consumers participating in USDA’s SNAP and nutrition assistance program block grants.  

Top image courtesy of Field and Fork Network.

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