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Kelly McDonald

Data Analyst
Kelly is a Data Analyst in the Institute of Food Production and Sustainability. She joined NIFA in 2017 as a Program Specialist and has served as the lead Program Specialist for USDA’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program from 2019 to 2021. While working as a Program Specialist, Kelly has led efforts on program evaluation, data calls, and crosscut analyses.
Prior to joining USDA, Kelly worked on multiple Sanitary Sewer Overflow Consent Decree contracts as a Project Superintendent for Layne Inliner.
Kelly received her master’s in Forestry from Virginia Tech and has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Biology from Marist College. As an undergraduate, she participated in the DOE’s Global Change Education Program Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (GCEP-SURE) at Brookhaven National Laboratory.
805 Pennsylvania Avenue Kansas City, MO 64105
Mobile Phone
(202) 430-3002

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