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Sandeep Kumar

National Program Leader
Sandeep serves as a National Program Leader. He joined this role in August 2021. Prior to joining NIFA, he worked at South Dakota State University, and before that he was working as Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Scientist at The Ohio State University. 

He was involved with various research projects focused on developing sustainable management systems (e.g., converting to no-till, adding cover crops, integrating crops and livestock, diversifying rotations, introducing perennial grasses on marginal lands) and their impacts on soil health, agricultural emissions, water quantity and quality. He worked with various extension specialists, social scientists, and economists to convey the importance of sustainable management systems to agricultural producers and policy makers. 

Sandeep received his PhD in Soils (2009) from University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri, and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (2003), and Master of Science in Soils (2005), both from Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University, Palampur, India.  
805 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City MO 64105
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