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Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants FY 2023 RFA Technical Assistance Webinar

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Technical Assistance

The Biotechnology Risk Assessment Research Grants (BRAG) program supports the generation of new information that will assist federal regulatory agencies in making science-based decisions about the environmental effects of introducing genetically engineered organisms. 

In this technical assistance webinar, program staff provided an overview of the program, which is jointly administered by NIFA and the USDA Agricultural Research Service, and discussed details included in the FY 2023 Request for Applications (RFA). Time was reserved to respond to audience questions. 

NIFA plans to invest approximately $5.5 million in this funding opportunity, which supports applied and/or fundamental research relevant to environmental risk assessment, including biological risk, and the federal regulatory process. 

Program Contacts

John Erickson, National Program Leader,  

Jack Okamuro, National Program Leader,


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