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Insular Area Grantee Resources

NIFA has compiled a list of resources of interest to insular areas. The resources cross over a range of topics including agricultural education pipeline and grants management.

The resources include direct links to existing information on the NIFA website, including FAQs, regulations, grant terms and conditions, and the NIFA Federal Assistance Policy Guide.

Agricultural Education Pipeline programs

  • Division of Community and Education's agricultural education pipeline programs page listing NIFA's workforce development; learning and education; and capacity building programs and containing the Agriculture Education Pipeline infographic.

NIFA Grant Management

  • All sponsored programs contact should bookmark this page. It is the gateway for understanding grant monitoring and reporting requirements. 

NIFA Grant Management FAQs

  • All sponsored program contacts should consult the FAQs document for handling common post-award management requests, such as no-cost extensions and PD changes.   

Insular Area Matching Requirements

  • 7 CFR 3419 1890 and Insular area matching regulation updated in May 2018.

Insular Area grant and administrative and fiscal requirements

  • Fact sheet listing the legislative authorities and requirements for insular area capacity (formula) grant programs.

Authorized Representative Clarification Memo

  • Memorandum issued in February 2018 to Insular Area land-grant institutions clarifying the role of Authorized Representative in NIFA grants.

NIFA Federal Assistance Policy Guide

  • Describes the statutory and regulatory responsibilities of NIFA federal-fund recipients. The Policy Guide is a single document for information formerly provided by a variety of manuals; a single document is much more user-friendly for NIFA staff and grantees.

Grant terms and conditions

  • Terms and conditions dictate important items related to your grant, including method of payment, reporting frequency and content, and prior approval requirements.

Research Misconduct

  • NIFA requires that all awardees adhere to the Federal Policy on Research Misconduct.

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