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NIFA-19-017 McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Program Administrative Regulations Summary

Purpose: Funds allocated to the States…for the conduct of forestry research by schools of forestry, land-grant colleges, and the State Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Policy: “All eligible institutions are required to conduct research supported with McIntire-Stennis funds and with matching funds, which comply with purposes of the McIntire Stennis Act. They are as follows: 1) reforestation and land management; 2) forest and watershed management; 3) forest and rangeland management; 4) management of forest lands for outdoor recreation; 5) protections of forest and resources against fire, insects, disease, etc; 6) utilization of wood and other forest-related products; 7) development of land management policies; and 8) studies promoting fullest and most effective use of forest resources.”

Financial Administration: McIntire-Stennis funds may be used to pay the necessary expenses of planning and direction of research, which is, or will be, supported by McIntire-Stennis funds.

  • Funds are expected to be expended in the fiscal year of appropriation. Current policy allows an amount of up to 50% of fiscal year allotment to be available for obligation in the fiscal year immediately following the year of obligated year and must be expended by September 30.
  • Funds apportioned to the States on basis of a formula. Factors include: 1) area of non-Federal commercial forest land; 2) volume of timber cut annually; 3) total expenditures for forestry research from non-Federal sources; 4) base amount distributed equally among the States
  • Certification of Non-Federal matching funds must be submitted annually

Matching Requirements: Matching funds must be equal to or greater than the Federal allocation from McIntire-Stennis funds, used only once to match and Federal matching requirements, a proper sub-set of Non-Federal Funds, and reported on the “Certification of Offset and Entitlement”

  • Matching funds assigned to approved projects at a ratio of Federal to non- Federal funds on a One-to-One basis
  • Provides for reapportionment to other Eligible Institutions within the same state of McIntire-Stennis funds that are not matched
  • Indirect costs (Facilities and Administration costs) are not allowable contributions to satisfy matching requirements

Cost Allowability: Generally, funds may be used to support an approved McIntire-Stennis funded project or program if the use benefits that program or project and follows the guidelines set forth in OMB Circular A-21.

  • Indirect costs and tuition remission are not allowable costs
  • Funds can only be used for paying salaries or wages for activities involving forest research on approved projects-must show allocability to an approved particular McIntire-Stennis funded program or project
  • The cost principles prescribed by OMB Circular A-21 are *generally applicable for determining the allowability of costs charged to McIntire Stennis funds. See administrative manual for deviations from A-21.

A full copy of the administrative manual can be found on the Administrative Manual for the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Program resource page.


*Disclaimer: The contents of this document do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way. This document is intended only to provide clarity to the public regarding existing requirements under the law or agency policies.


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